Quick Draw

Quick Draw is a reaction time game written for the Android operating system.
A simple reaction time game. Hit the targets as fast as you can after they change color. Each level becomes faster and the difficulty increases.
Link to game on AndroLib: http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com-lukelast-quickdraw-pttm....

Supports Android 1.6 and up. Below 1.6 there is a bug in the relative layout class that I'm using, so rather than create a separate layout for 1.5, I'll just wait for 1.5 to become obsolete in the next few months.

This QR Code can take you to the game on the android market.

Screenshot from the game. It's amazing that the image has the same number of pixels as my 3.7" phone display.

Screenshot from the game showing two active targets.

Two player mode.

QuickDraw.apk415.49 KB
QuickDraw1.2.apk828.05 KB
QuickDraw1.1.apk428.38 KB
QuickDraw1.4.apk836.44 KB